Office of the Provost

The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

Chapter 8.
Teaching and Faculty Interactions with Students

8.A General Principles
8.B Resources for Faculty
8.B.1 Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
8.B.2 Distance Education
8.B.3 Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning
8.B.4 Evaluations of Teaching
8.B.5 Examination Scoring, Placement Exams, and Surveys
8.B.6 Faculty Mentoring & Advising
8.B.7 Instructional Technology
8.B.8 Michigan Learning Communities
  8.B.9 Student Organizations
8.C Resources for Students (Ann Arbor Campus)
8.D University Policies and Procedures Affecting Students
8.D.1 Academic Calendar
8.D.2 Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct
8.D.3 Academic Standing
8.D.4 Affiliation Agreements for Participation in Various Off-Campus Initiatives
8.D.5 Authorized and Unauthorized Persons in the Classroom
8.D.6 Dispute Resolution/Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities
8.D.7 Disruptive Behavior
8.D.8 Doctoral Dissertation Committees
8.D.9 Off Campus Learning Opportunities
8.D.10 Grades
8.D.11 Personal Relationships Between Faculty and Students
8.D.12 Private Instruction
8.D.13 Recording in the Classroom/Commercial Notetaking
8.D.14 Religious Accommodation
8.D.15 Sales to Students
  8.D.16 Student Records/Reference Letters
  8.D.17 Services for Students with Disabilities
  8.D.18 Emergency Preparedness for Faculty: Classroom Safety for Instructors
8.E Graduate Student Employees
8.E.1 Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) and Graduate Student Staff Assistants (GSSAs)
8.E.2 Graduate Student Research Assistants (GSRAs)
8.E.3 House Officers

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