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The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

19.K Emeritus/Emerita Status

Regular and clinical instructional faculty, research professors, research scientists, librarians, curators, and archivists may, upon officially retiring from the University, be granted an emeritus or emerita title by the Board of Regents. A faculty member who leaves the University prior to official retirement is considered to have resigned and is not eligible for such a title. A faculty member must hold an eligible title at the time he or she officially retires from the University to be recommended for emeritus or emerita status. Authority for making exceptions to this regulation rests with the provost and executive vice president for academic affairs on the Ann Arbor campus. See SPG 201.80 Emeritus/Emerita Titles.
Although endowed, named chairs or unendowed school or college professorships have not traditionally continued as emeriti/emeritae titles into retirement, a school or college may, at its discretion, request that these titles be included in emeriti/emeritae titles. The benefits of the chairship do not continue into retirement. As provided by Regents’ bylaw 5.21, Distinguished University Professorships are carried over into retirement as emeriti/emeritae status.

Emeriti/emeritae faculty are entitled to attend, without vote, meetings of the University Senate; to march in a position of honor in academic processions; to use the library, computing services, and other facilities offered to University faculty members; to represent the University at academic ceremonies of other institutions; and in general to take part with the faculties in all social and ceremonial functions of the University. Emeriti/emeritae faculty are also eligible for the same benefits that accrue to all employees who have officially retired from the University.

Computing services that emeriti/ae faculty receive include:

  • The standard computing package at no charge through Information and Technology Services (ITS). (See the ITS Service Center web page for contact information and see for more information on standard computing);
  • Continued access to consultants for assistance with the basic computing package components (see the ITS Service Center web page for contact information),;
  • Access to campus computing facilities; and
  • Access to the University’s discounted rates for computer hardware and software through the ITS Tech Shop.

When formally engaged in University business for which they are receiving salary, emeriti/ae faculty are covered by the Travel Accident Insurance Plan; check with the Benefits Office for confirmation of coverage. Some units provide emeriti/ae faculty office or laboratory space on a limited basis or secretarial and other services or facilities.

See also the SPG 201.80 procedures.
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