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The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

19.J Phased Retirement

Faculty members may take phased retirement in installments over two or three years with permission from their department and dean. Phased Retirement involves partial release from the usual duties. The allowance for credit toward release from usual duties is determined in consultation with the faculty member’s dean and department chair approximately one year prior to the starting date of the phased retirement. Once an agreement stipulating a phased retirement plan and date has been signed, any reduction below 100% salary allows faculty members to begin an annuity from their University retirement funds immediately if they wish, even though they are not yet retired. Reduced levels of appointment and of salary may be combined in the options available, and salary in that case may be supplemented immediately from the faculty members’ applicable TIAA-CREF and/or Fidelity retirement funds. For information, contact Academic Human Resources at 763-8938 (bylaw 5.19 and SPG 201.83).

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