Office of the Provost

The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

19.I Retirement Furlough
(Pre-January 1, 1984 appointments)

A professorial staff member appointed before January 1, 1984, is eligible for a retirement furlough at full salary provided the faculty member is at least 62 years old, has served at least 10 years prior to the retirement date and has not taken a sabbatical leave within the four years preceding the effective date of the retirement furlough. During a one-year terminal furlough, the faculty member is relieved of usual responsibilities and may be called upon to act in a consulting capacity to the University or to conduct research. Salary levels are fixed during retirement furloughs, without regard to the period over which the furlough extends, and are paid in accordance with standard payment schedules. For information, contact the Director of Academic Human Resources at 763-8938 (Bylaw 5.19, SPG 201.81, and SPG 201.83).

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