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The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

19.G Medicare Insurance Coordination with Medicare

U-M retirees have a number of medical insurance options available to them. The options differ in benefit levels, doctors and hospitals available, and cost. The amount of University and retiree contributions toward retiree benefit plans varies based on hire date, age, retirement date, eligibility for Medicare, coverage level, and medical plan selected.

Within 30 days of when an actively working faculty member reaches age 65, a faculty member and any Medicare eligible covered dependents should enroll in Medicare Part A, which has no monthly premium. Within 30 days of when a faculty member retires, he or she and any covered Medicare eligible dependents should enroll in Medicare Part B through the Social Security Administration. Premiums for Medicare Part B are deducted from Social Security payments.

Where applicable, when a U-M retiree or their covered dependents reaches age 65, the U-M Benefits Office automatically converts the retiree and his or her covered dependents to an enrollment status that provides secondary coverage to Medicare. Since no health insurance company will cover expenses that would have been covered by Medicare, it is important to enroll within the 30-day time limit.

For more information, see the Benefits Office website and SPG 203.02 Health and Welfare Benefits.
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