Universities around the country are aggressively improving emergency management capabilities and education and the University of Michigan is no different. As key participants in achieving U-M goals, it is particularly important for instructors to incorporate safety into their classroom lives.


Instructors have an obligation to prepare for possible emergencies. This is a list of basic preparation:

  1. Take note of classroom exits.
  2. Learn the locations for shelter during tornados and learn evacuation routes, which are often located at elevators and stairwells.
  3. Some classrooms have emergency phones. For other classrooms, carry a cellular phone or identify a student’s phone to use in case of emergencies.


  1. Take direction from emergency responders and other authorized staff.
  2. Direct students and ensure their safety.

There are four possible actions in an emergency:

  1. Call or send someone for help
  2. Wait for help
  3. Move to a safer place in the building
  4. Evacuate the building