Office of the Provost

What is a Provost?

pro-vost n [ME, fr. OE profost & OF provost , fr ML propositus , alter. of praepositus , fr L, one in charge, director, fr. pp. of praeponere to place at the head] 1: the chief dignitary of a collegiate or cathedral chapter 2: the chief magistrate of a Scottish burgh 3: the keeper of a prison 4: a high-ranking university administrative officer

The Provost is the chief academic officer of the University and has responsibility for the University's academic and budgetary affairs. The Provost collaborates with the President in setting overall academic priorities for the University and allocates funds to carry these priorities forward.

The following individuals report to the Provost: the Deans of the nineteen schools and colleges (including the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs - Graduate Studies and Dean of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies) and the University Librarian and Dean of Libraries. Other direct reports include the  Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs, the Vice Provost for Academic and Budgetary Affairs, the Vice Provost for Digital Educational Initiatives, the Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education, the Vice Provost for Equity, Inclusion, and Academic Affairs, the Director of the Institute for Social Research, the Director of the Life Sciences Institute (who also reports to the President of the University), the Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President for Information and Technology Services (who also reports to the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer), and the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management.

Given the broad scope of Academic Affairs, numerous offices and entities are under the umbrella of the Provost's Office. These include, for example, the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum, the Museum of Art, the University Mentorship Program, Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, the Registrar, Budget Administration, Budget and Planning, the Center for the Education of Women, and the Officer Education Programs.