Office of the Provost

Marketing U-M to Non-resident Undergraduate Applicants Task Force
Chair: Robert Dolan, Dean, Stephen M. Ross School of Business

For several decades now, the University of Michigan has enrolled a significant number of undergraduates who reside outside the State of Michigan. Although the fraction of non-resident undergraduates is still a minority, the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives that these students bring enriches the experience of all members of the University community. And with demographic projections calling for a steady decline in high school graduates within the State of Michigan over the next decade, the non-resident applicant pool will become an increasing important resource to help UM shape its freshman class.

The University faces particular challenges in recruiting non-resident undergraduates. Data derived from the Survey of Freshman Admits indicates that we compete with the most elite public and private peers for these students. These institutions are more aggressively recruiting the same students that we would like to attract to the U-M. For example, several elite private universities have announced significant and highly publicized enhancements to their financial aid packages.

If we are to continue to successfully compete for top out-of-state students, we must find creative ways to expand and improve the non- resident applicant pool and encourage those who are admitted to accept U-M's offer. The task force will address this complex recruiting challenge and suggest ways to ensure U-M remains the school of choice for out-of-state students. Please email with comments, questions, or ideas for the Marketing U-M to Non-resident Undergraduate Applicants task force.


Task Force Members:

  • Laura Blake Jones, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Division of Student Affairs
  • Laura Elgas, Assistant Director for Master's Admissions and Student Affairs, School of Information
  • Pam Fowler, Director, Office of Financial Aid
  • Rick Francis, Associate Dean for Special Projects, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  • Kallie Michels, Associate Vice President for Communications, Office of Vice President for Communications
  • Ed St. John, Algo D Henderson Collegiate Professor of Education and Professor of Education, School of Education
  • Ted Spencer, Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Laura Hoffman, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Management, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
  • Glenna Schweitzer, Associate Vice Provost for Academic and Budgetary Affairs, Executive Director, Office of Budget and Planning
  • Thomas Zurbuchen, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

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