Utilities Information

Utilities Systems & Access

Energy Billing System

The Energy Billing System (EBS) is where utilities data is recorded after building meters are read. EBS tracks building and meter information, displays trends for total cost, meter cost, and meter consumption, as well as allows querying of building and meter utility billing information.

System access: Access to the system is open to those with a U-M uniqname and password.

U-M Data Warehouse

The U-M data warehouse maintains a monthly back-up of the utilities data as well as a historical record of this information. Users can access pre-defined reports or build custom queries of the stored data through Business Objects.

System access: Requests for access to the U-M Data Warehouse and Business Objects must be submitted to ITS through the Online Access Request System (OARS). Please contact your ITS unit liaison (UL) to determine your system access needs. For assistance in determining your UL, please visit the ITS Unit Liaison Database.

Available Utilities Reports & Reporting Options

Energy Billing System

The Energy Billing System (EBS) offers a wide range of reporting options for the information stored in the EBS system. Some examples of available reports include:

  • Building Report
  • Purchased Utility Billing Details by Meter Reports
  • Purchased Utility Billing Details by Building Reports
    (Source: Plant Operations)

Annual Utilities Reports by Building or Fund

Plant Operations maintains a list of annual reports showing overall utilities consumption and costs, as well as costs per square foot, by building or fund.
(Source: Plant Operations)

Quarterly and Annual Utilities Reports for Academic Units

The Office of Budget and Planning produces quarterly and annual utilities reports for each academic unit. The reports include projected vs. actual utilities consumption and costs, and the relationship to the overall unit budget. For more information, contact the Office of Budget and Planning.
(Source: Office of Budget and Planning)

Pre-Defined Utilities Reports from the Data Warehouse

The pre-defined reports are accessed through Business Objects, described above in the section “Utilities Systems and Access”. To see a list of available reports, visit the ITS Pre-defined Reports list, select “Physical Resources” and then “Utilities and Plant”.

Examples of available pre-defined reports include:

  • Utilities Consumption by Building for General Fund
  • Utilities Consumption by Dept Grp for General Fund
  • Utilities Consumption for DeptID for General Fund
    (Source: ITS)

Custom Queries & Reports from the Data Warehouse

Departments may elect to run custom queries of historic and utilities space data to meet a specific business need directly against the U-M data warehouse. These custom queries and reports are built in Business Objects and pulls data from the U-M data warehouse. Getting access to Business Objects and the data warehouse is described above.
(Source: ITS)

Utilities Rates

Utilities and Plant Engineering provides information on current rates for U-M enterprise utilities and estimated rates for utilities purchased directly from external utilities providers.
(Source: Utilities and Plant Engineering [Plant Operations])

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Last reviewed: May 2017