system for scheduling events in m-pathways


To better understand how classrooms are used and to determine if a classroom is available for use, information on all classroom activities (classes and non-class events) is now required to be stored in the central M-Pathways system. By entering non-class event information centrally in M-Pathways, we ensure that academic and administrative units have complete classroom utilization information to monitor classroom use and are able to more effectively manage classroom space.

The M-Pathways Student Administration system has been enhanced to enable units to:


The requirement to enter event detail into M-Pathways applies to all units with classrooms on the Ann Arbor campus. Units may choose to use M-Pathways for scheduling in other types of rooms (class labs, open labs), but activities in these other rooms do not need to be stored in M-Pathways.

M-Pathways Access & Training

Access: Please contact your ITS Unit Liaison (UL) to determine the appropriate access. For assistance in determining your UL, please visit the ITS Unit Liaison Database.

Training: An e-learning course, step-by-step instructions, and additional documentation are available in My LINC:

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Last reviewed: February 2022