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Finding Additional Campus or Leased Space for Unit Needs

The Provost's Office is able to work with your unit in identifying short- and long-term solutions for planning for strategic growth, dealing with a temporary space need or relocation, and so on.

For additional information and to request assistance, visit Finding Additional Space On- and Off-Campus.

Classroom Planning & Needs

The Provost's Office monitors the inventory of classrooms campus-wide to ensure that the overall pool of classrooms continues to meet campus demands, paying particular attention to the number and sizes of classrooms available campus-wide and by geographic area. The Provost's Office is also knowledgeable about recent classroom renovation projects and stays current on campus trends in design and instructional technology.

Long-term classroom planning

Your unit should involve the Provost's Office as early as possible in any classroom construction or renovation project. Provost's Office staff are able to share best practices from recent construction or renovation projects and advise on future campus classroom plans that may influence or affect your unit's needs.

Provost approval is required prior to work beginning in the following situations:

  • Construction of a new classroom
  • Removal or repurposing an existing classroom
  • Significant change in the seating capacity of an existing classroom (e.g., +/- 20%)
  • Key design decisions when central resources are used to fund a classroom project

E-mail with details about your needs to request assistance and approval.

Short-term classroom needs

If your unit has a pressing classroom scheduling issue or unique need for a specific class, the Provost's Office and Registrar's Office are able to assist in identifying spaces on campus to meet your needs. E-mail for assistance in identifying these spaces.

For additional information on curriculum planning and deadlines at the University, refer to the Registrar's Office Curriculum Resources page.

New Buildings, Renovations & Expansions

Requests for new buildings, major expansions or renovations at an estimated cost of $5 million or more, are required to follow the Capital Project Guidelines. Please refer to Capital Planning for more information.

For renovations to existing spaces, projects with an estimated cost of $2 million or more must be cleared with the Office of the Provost prior to work beginning. In some cases, the project may also need to follow the Capital Project Guidelines. E-mail to request approval for such renovations.

Ad-Hoc Analysis of Space-Related Data

The Provost's Office is able to assist in interpreting campus space-related data, as well as assist in tying it to other sets of data (enrollment, financial, HR, etc.), to address internal unit space planning questions. E-mail with additional details about your needs to request assistance.

For More Information

For other space questions or needs, contact


Last reviewed: February 2022