Dear Student:


This website is designed to help you launch your search for national and international fellowship competitions that meet your educational, intellectual, and personal needs. Fellowships fall into many categories. Some provide funding to attend graduate school; others allow you to study or to conduct research overseas to gain practical experience in your field of study. If you are particularly interested in Rhodes, Marshall, and Mitchell Scholarships, contact Director of National Scholarships and Fellowships Henry Dyson ( As a representative from the Provost’s Council on Student Honors, he will help you consider whether applying for these scholarships is the next step for you.

Browse our website to learn about fellow students who have had experience with the prestigious Rhodes, Marshall, and Mitchell competitions. Become familiar with the process that U-M uses to select our institutional nominees. Note that we have our own deadline of noon on the fourth Monday in August for applying for the U-M endorsement. (All Rhodes, Marshall, and Mitchell applicants need an institutional endorsement.) The deadline allows the University to evaluate its applicants, interview the most promising students, and make endorsements by mid-September. This leaves two weeks for students who have been selected to represent the University to finalize their personal statements and study plans before the national deadlines in early October.

Because winning applications require in-depth thought about the opportunities these scholarships offer as well as extensive research into appropriate academic programs in the British Isles, they cannot be written at the last moment. We strongly suggest that applicants let us know of their intention to apply and meet with a council member by the end of winter term. Please contact Director of National Scholarships and Fellowships Henry Dyson ( to register your interest in the Rhodes, Marshall, and/or Mitchell scholarships.

Positive, in-depth assessments from senior academics and others with whom you have worked closely are key to creating a strong application. Click here to get a fuller understanding of the important role of recommendations, and here to read tips for selecting recommenders.

The competition for these prestigious scholarships is fierce, but that does not deter Michigan’s deeply motivated and widely accomplished students. Applicants report that the process of competing for these scholarships can be immensely helpful in framing their post-college plans. Best of luck as you consider whether the Rhodes, Marshall, or Mitchell application process is for you.