Office of the Provost

Dual Career Program

Information for Dual Career Couples

About Dual Career Services

Having long recognized dual career partner assistance as a crucial element in recruiting and retaining its excellent faculty, the University of Michigan has developed one of the strongest dual career programs in the country. The two-page brochures listed below provide a general overview of the university's dual career efforts, some of which are limited to the partners of tenure track and tenured faculty.

A Guide for Prospective or Current Faculty & Their Partners

  • An overview of dual career services for partners seeking staff, administrative, or professional opportunities within the university community or the greater Ann Arbor area.

A Guide for Academic Dual Career Couples

  • An overview of dual career services for partners seeking an academic appointment at the University of Michigan or at nearby institutions.

U-M Dual Career Guides for Job Search Success

The tip sheets listed below provide guidance on key aspects of the job search.  Their content is based on the years of experience among the dual career professionals at the university.

Online Dual Career Resources

Links to information on employment opportunities and career resources for the University of Michigan and other area colleges and universities, as well as area employers, are compiled and maintained by the dual career program and can be found on our University Human Resources’ website. Also included are links to additional career search resources and general information about Ann Arbor.


Michigan Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (MI-HERC)

LogoDeveloped in 2007, one of the Michigan HERC’s primary goals is to help the spouses and partners of faculty and staff members to secure employment. The MI-HERC’s web-based search engine, which is free and open to everyone, includes faculty and staff job listings at all 27 member institutions.




Information for Administrators

  • A Note to Administrators About the Dual Career Program

  • Provost's Faculty Initiatives Program (PFIP)

  • Dual Career Considerations in Faculty Recruitment
    The UM STRIDE program has produced a handbook for faculty recruitment. Section II of the handbook includes a set of dual career considerations. STRIDE is part of the ADVANCE Program, which began as a five-year, NSF-funded project promoting institutional transformation with respect to women faculty in science and engineering fields. With the University’s commitment to continue funding through June 2011, the program is gradually expanding to promote other kinds of diversity among faculty and students in all fields.