Office of the Provost

Promotion Guidelines



  • Attachment A — Qualifications for Appointment and Promotion in the Several Faculties of University of Michigan

  • Attachment B—University of Michigan Bylaws: Section 5.23. Clinical Instructional Staff (revised June 2001); and University of Michigan Bylaws: Section 5.24. Research Scientists and Research Professors (revised October 2003)

  • Attachment C — Instructions for Instructional Faculty Promotion Recommendations

  • Attachment D — Sample Promotion Recommendation

  • Attachment E — CRLT Occasional Papers: The Teaching Portfolio

  • Attachment F-1 — Sample Solicitation Letter, Non-interdisciplinary Appointment

  • Attachment F-2 — Sample Solicitation Letter, Interdisciplinary Appointment

  • Attachment G — Alphabetical Listing of External Reviewers Who Provided Letters

  • Attachment H — Statement of Understanding Regarding Responsibility for Bridging Support

Instructions for uploading promotion casebooks to CTools

Checksum Spreadsheet EXAMPLE