Office of the Provost

The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

Appendix 4:
Standard Practice Guide (SPG) References

The following SPG references are cited in this edition of the Faculty Handbook:

201.03 "Funeral Time"

201.04 "Summer Appointments UM-Ann Arbor"

201.11-0 "Sick Time Pay"

201.11-1 "Sick Leave Plan (Instructional Faculty)"

201.13 "Rules Concerning Acquiring the Protection of Regents' Bylaw 5.09 by Accumulating Years of Service"

201.14 "Faculty and Staff Assistance Program"

201.15 "Fitness for Duty"

201.17 "Employment Oath"

201.23 "Appointment of Relatives or Others with Close Personal or External Business Relationships; Procedures to Assure Equal Opportunity and to Avoid the Possibility of Favoritism (Nepotism)"

201.26-0 "Holidays"

201.26-1 "Season Days"

201.27 "Emergency Closing and Emergency Operations Reductions"

201.29 "Jury and Witness Service"

201.30-1 "Leaves of Absence without Salary"

201.30-2 "Sabbatical Leave (Instructional Faculty)"

201.30-4 "Scholarly Activity Leave"

201.30-5 "Federal Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements"

201.33 "Military Reserve Duty Pay"

201.34-1 "Classification and Appointment of Instructional Faculty"

201.39-1 "Principles and Practices Governing Tenure for Faculty Members with Divided or Partial Appointments"

201.46 "Personnel Records - Collection, Retention, and Release"

201.50 "Guidelines Related to Tenure Reviews and Reappointment Reviews"

201.51 "Remote Location Pay and Reimbursement of Dependent Relocation Costs"

201.57 "Temporary Employment"

201.61 "Transfer: Promotional, Lateral, and Demotional"

201.64-0 "Vacation (Professional/Administrative, etc.)"

201.64-1 "Vacation (Instructional Faculty)"

201.65-0 "Employment Outside the University"

201.65-1 "Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment"

201.71 "Withholding of Services"

201.72-0 "Reduction in Force (Instructional Staff)"

201.78 "Unemployment Compensation"

201.80 "Emeritus/Emerita Titles"

201.81 "Retirement Furlough"

201.83 "Retirement"

201.84 "EEO Affirmative Action Policy for Individuals with Disabilities"

201.85 "Non-Appointment Related University Compensation"

201.88 "Notice of Non-Reappointment"

201.89-0 "Sexual Harassment"

201.89-1 "Interim Policy on Discriminatory Harassment"

201.90 "Duty Off-Campus

201.91 "Distinguished University Professorships"

201.92 "Tenure Probationary Period: Effects on Tenure Clock of Childbearing and Dependent Care Responsibilities"

201.93 "Modified Duties for New Parents"

201.94 "Weapon Possession"

202.01 "Social Security Eligibility"

203.01-1 "Expanded Long Term Disability Plan"

203.02 "Health and Welfare Benefits"

203.05 "Retirement Savings Plan"

303.01 "Implementation of Regents' Policy Concerning Research Grants, Contracts, and Agreements"

303.02 "Indirect Costs"

303.03 "Policy Statement on the Integrity of Scholarship and Procedures for Investigating Allegations of Misconduct in the Pursuit of Scholarship and Research"

303.04 "University of Michigan Technology Transfer Policy"

402.01 "International Center Services"

507.10-1 "Travel and Business Hosting Expense Policies and Procedures for Concur Users"

507.01 "General Policies and Procedures" (for Purchasing)

510.01 "Public Safety and Security Services"

510.2 "Public Safety Standards"

601.01 "Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression"

601.02 "Discontinuance of Academic Programs"

601.03 "Ownership and Use of Computer Software"

601.03-1 "Management of Copyrighted Software"

601.04 "Smoking on University Premises"

601.06 "Preventing Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation"

601.07-1 "Proper Use of Information Resources, Information Technology and Networks at the University of Michigan"

601.09 "Defense and Indemnification"

601.11 "Privacy and the Need to Monitor and Access Records"

601.15-0 "Internet Addressing: IP Address Standards at the University of Michigan"

601.15-1 "Domain Name System Standards at the University of Michigan"

601.16 "Policy and Guidelines Regarding Electronic Access to Potentially Offensive Material"

601.17 "Commercial Notetaking"

601.19 "Identity Misrepresentation"

601.22 "Faculty-Student Relationships"