Office of the Provost

The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook

Appendix 1: Acronyms

AAAC-Academic Affairs Advisory Committee
AAPD-Ann Arbor Police Department
AATA-Ann Arbor Transit Authority
AAUP-American Association of University Professors
ATCS-Adaptive Technology Computing Site
ATM-Automatic Teller Machine
AWC-Academic Women’s Caucus
BEC-Business Engagement Center
BRRC-Biological Research Review Committee
CAEN-Computer-Aided Engineering Network
CAPS-Counseling and Psychological Services
CARAT-Collaboratory for Advanced Research and Academic Technologies
CCC-Cultural Collections Council
CCRB-Central Campus Recreation Building
CESF-Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty
CEW-Center for the Education of Women
CFR-Corporate & Foundation Relations
CGIS-Center for Global and Intercultural Study
CIC-Campus Information Centers
CIO-Chief Information Officer
CITI-Center for Information Technology Integration
COC-Conflicts of Commitment
COI-Conflicts of Interest
CRLT-Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
CSCAR-Center for Statistical Consultation and Research
DLPS-Digital Library Production Service (DLPS) DPSS-Division of Public Safety & Security
EDI-Electronic Data Interchange
E&E-Evaluations and Examinations
EEOC-Michigan Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
ESA-Environmental Spatial Analysis
FASAP-Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
FERPA-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FMLA-Family and Medical Leave Act
FOIA-Freedom of Information Act
FSA-Flexible Spending Accounts
GEO-Graduate Employees' Organization
GSI-Graduate Student Instructor
GSRA-Graduate Student Research Assistant
GSSA-Graduate Student Staff Assistant
HOA-House Officers Association
HRRIS-Human Resources Records and Information Services
IC-International Center
IMSB-Intramural Sports Building
IPP-International Partnerships Program
IRB-Institutional Review Board
IRWG-Institute for Research on Women and Gender
ISDN-Integrated Services Digital Network
ISR-Institute for Social Research
ITL-Instructional Technology Lab
COC-conflicts of commitment ITS-Information and Technology Services
LGBTA-Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs
LEO-Lecturers' Employee Organization
LRC-Learning Resource Center
LSI-Life Sciences Institute
COC-Conflicts of Commitment
MCARD-University of Michigan I.D. Card
MCIT-Medical Center Information Technology
MCLA-Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated
MDCR-Michigan Department of Civil Rights
MIRLYN-UM Online Library Catalog
MLC-Michigan Learning Communities
MUTO-Michigan Union Ticket Office
MWFCU-MidWest Financial Credit Union
NCIC-North Campus Information Center
NCID-National Center for Institutional Diversity
NCRB-North Campus Recreational Building
NCRC-North Campus Research Complex
NMC-New Media Center
NSF-National Science Foundation
OIE-Office of Institutional Equity
OIP-Office of International Programs
OMB-Office of Management and Budget
OQA-Other Qualified Adult
ORSP–Office of Research and Sponsored Projects
OSCR-Office of Student Conflict Resolution
OSEH-Occupational Safety and Environmental Health
OTT-Office of Technology Transfer
PACWI-President’s Advisory Commission on Women’s Issues
PAF-Proposal Approval Form
PCard-Procurement Card
PEERRS-Program for the Education and Evaluation in Responsible Research Scholarship
PFIP-Provost's Faculty Initiatives Program
PHLI-Public Health Library & Informatics
RAD-Research Associate Dean
RPC-Research Policies Committee
SAB-Student Activities Building
SACUA-Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs
SAPAC-Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center
SNRE-School of Natural Resources and Environment
SPG-University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide
SPIN-Sponsored Programs Information Network
SRA-Supplemental Retirement Account
TCP-Text Creation Partnership
TIAA-CREF-Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association- College Retirement Equities Fund
TTC-Teaching and Technology Collaborative
UAC-University Activities Center
UCUCA-University Committee on Use and Care of Animals
UHS-University Health Service
UHS-University Health Service
ULAM-Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine
UM-University of Michigan
U-M – University of Michigan
UMCU-University of Michigan Credit Union
UMHS-University of Michigan Health System
UMHS EAP-University of Michigan Health System Employee Assistance Program
UMOR-University of Michigan Office of Research
UMPD-University of Michigan Police Department
UMTV-University of Michigan Television
URL-Uniform Resource Locator (World Wide Web address)
UROP-Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
USERRA-Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
WISE-Women in Science and Engineering
WLRC-Work/Life Resource Center