Office of the Provost

The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook


3.C President and Executive Officers

As the University's chief executive officer, the president is responsible for providing general oversight of the University's teaching and research programs; its libraries, museums, and other supporting services; the welfare of the faculty and supporting staff; the business and financial welfare of the University; and for "the maintenance of health, diligence, and order among the students" (bylaw 2.01).

The president, who is a member of the University Senate, represents the University at ceremonies and public events and plays a major role in fund raising. The president also recommends the appointment of executive officers who perform their duties under the president's general direction. For more information, visit the president's website at < >.

Other executive officers are the chancellors of the UM-Dearborn <> and UM-Flint <> and the ten vice presidents.

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