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Faculty Appointment Guidelines

Guidelines for Obtaining Approval of Joint Academic Appointments for Senior Faculty

These guidelines set forth the procedures for obtaining approval to offer current University of Michigan faculty a joint appointment in another academic unit (inter-school) at the same, or equivalent, rank. Approval is required for joint faculty appointments with the following titles:

  • Professor (with or without tenure)
  • Associate Professor (with or without tenure)
  • Research Professor
  • Research Associate Professor
  • Clinical Professor
  • Clinical Associate Professor

NOTE: Joint appointments at 0% fraction ("dry") to the above titles also need to be approved by the Provost.

NOTE: Joint appointments within the same school or college (intra-school, aka "additional" appointments), do not require approval from the Provost.

1. The school/college/research unit/academic unit approves the joint appointment, and

2. Submits the following information to the Provost's Office (Note: please see attached instructions for uploading files via CTools):

a. Endorsement letter co-signed by the Dean/Director of the unit in which the faculty member holds a current appointment and the Dean/Director of the unit that wishes to make the new appointment.

  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to be created for all new inter-school and intra-school joint appointments at the assistant, associate, and full professor level for tenure-track/tenured instructional faculty, excluding 0% (“dry”) appointments.  The draft MOU should be submitted to the Faculty Affairs Office for review – ideally at the time of hire but no later than 6 months from the start of the joint appointment.

    Please refer to the Faculty Appointment Guidelines on the Provost's Office website <> for the two MOU templates to be used for either a joint appointment without tenure or for a joint appointment with tenure. Note: MOUs are not required for joint appointments within the University of Michigan for Clinical Instructional track appointments or hires. A MOU for Research faculty, however, is strongly recommended.

  • Please indicate the fraction of effort for each title.

  • Description of the new appointment in the context of the field and the specific needs of the academic department/program/unit.

b. Faculty member's updated curriculum vitae.

c. Statement of Understanding Regarding Responsibility for Bridging Support. Only required for new appointments with these titles: Research Professor or Research Associate Professor.

NOTE: For Research Professors and Research Associate Professors only, the appointment requires a review by the Vice President for Research. The endorsement letter should be addressed to both the Provost and the Vice President for Research. The package will be forwarded to UMOR by the Provost's Office.
3. Once approved by the Provost, the Provost's Office submits the package to the President for approval.

4. The appropriate school/college/research unit/academic unit is notified when all approvals are obtained.

5. A copy of the approval (cover sheet with the signatures of the Provost and the President) is faxed to the school/college/research unit/academic unit.

6. For Professors and Associate Professors Only: The school/college/research unit/academic unit then prepares a Regents Communication and forwards the following to Academic Human Resources, 2072N Admin Services/1432:

a. Regent's Communication (original plus one copy, double-sided with no staples.
b. One copy of the curriculum vitae (double-sided with no staples.)

For Research Professors, Research Associate Professors, Clinical Professors, and Clinical Associate Professors only: The school/college/research unit/academic unit prepares appointment materials and forwards the following to Human Resource Records and Information Services (HRRIS), 4073 Wolverine/1281:

a. Appointment Request Form
b. Copy of curriculum vitae


updated 12/2016

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